REALationship Tip:

06 Apr

REALationship Tip: If your mate is jealous of your text, phone, ect. interactions with your friends of the opposite sex then clearly you are making your mate feel this way because your mate doesn’t feel a friendship between you and him/her. To have and maintain a healthly lasting relationship your mate should never be jealous of anyone. It should be vice versa other people should be jealous of your mate and how you treat and relate to your mate. Men if you are not showing your woman the same type of friendship that you are showing to your female friends then you are making a mistake and same goes for women. Your lonley , vulnerable, desprate for attention mate will aventually seek that desired friendship outside due to your willing emotional detachment. I’m not saying that you can not socialize and have friends of the opposite sex but your mate should be your best friend and they should never feel excluded from your friendship. Your mate should never ever feel lonely or like he /she is on the outside looking in. If your mate is feeling this way and brings it to your attention and you continue to do it. Then you are doing too much and not in a good way. Your lack of concern for his or her feelings will hurt you in the end. It’s not about who’s wrong or right just fight for what you say you love. #Eachother  #maketheefforttogiveafu*k                                       written by T.H ~ TrueDiva aka Queen T , DirtyDiva


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