The cross between a Ghetto Bird & Godzilla = BIRDZILLA….The Bitter Jaded Ratchet Woman.

05 Apr

This is the kind of crude vile woman who goes out of her way to be hurtful , to try and manipulate any situation to fit her liking she is angry she is classless she is rude she is mean she is a bully she is weak and intimidated by strength. She is nosey and she is in everybody’s business. She talks about everyone while in reality she needs to get her own life in order. She is controlling and overbearing. She lacks integrity, self respect, dignity and pride. She is way past psychotic. She is extremely dangerous. She does not know how to feel emapthy for anyone. She has no conscious she feels no remorse no shame or guilt for her ratchet actions. She offers poor advice and poor mentorship to younger women because she herself is angry that she messed up her own life. She is secretly hoping that she can assist you with ruining your life too. She will attempt to do this with her destructive intent , misdirection and this accompanied with her intentional malicious bad advice. She is rude obnoxious loud and tacky. She is problematic and always creating petty drama. Always trying to set up little mini wars between people. Starting he said she said dramas while claiming her innocence and trying to sit back and watch the drama she started erupt. She is negative and is always looking for the bad in every and any situation. She is a dark misery cloud. She is an energy vampire she sucks the life right out of everyone around her. She lies and then tries to convince everyone that her lies are the truth. She has endured a tough miserable life of disappointments set-backs hardships mistrust and pain. Because of this she only knows how to or only allows herself to offer and project evil. She has a narcissistic personality, she is extremly vindictive, malicious, and envious of  everyone who she feels is doing better than she is. She is a snake. She tries to come in sheep’s clothing but you will see her for the wolf that she really is if you pay attention. She is not well dressed garbage she is just garbage. She is deluded she has several personality she lives in her own delusional world she stays in denial about the her life and anything that has to do with her but is quick to try to tell someone else about them themselves. Oh yes you know a woman or women like her. If this message offends you or if you don’t feel you know anyone like her that is because you are her! I’m just sayin. You know she cannot reach your level you know you are above her but yet you entertain her you tolerate her you put up with her you don’t punch her in the throat you continue to remain civil to her. This even after you have seen her for who she really is. You never come out of your character you do not lose your composure you are always the lady that she is not and never will be. She hates on you because she knows this. She is a waste of your energy she does not deserve your attention, kindness, friendship, listening ear or your company. She can’t play her position because she has no position. She is a non factor and she is well aware of this fact. Always trying to put herself at the focal point of things. Always trying to be the main attraction or center of attention. This is pathetic self importance at it’s best that she needs to make herself feel good about her sad ass self. She is POISION. She is a cancer. You cannot help her , you cannot fix her. Just run in the opposite direction. She will take more from you than you will gain from her Save YOURSELF!! ~Written by T.Hodges TrueDiva
#YeahIsaidit #HmmAboutThat #getittogethergurl

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