“They Need To Kick Kenya’s Fake Booty Off” A Tipsy NeNe Weighs In On The Porsha-Kenya Fight

03 Apr



Source: TMZ
By now we’ve heard from almost every Atlanta housewife about the Kenya/Porsha altercation. And now it’s NeNe’s turn. The RHOA star and “Dancing With The Stars” contestant was seen leaving Mr. Chow’s with Greg and she was clearly on one. So this was the perfect time for TMZ to ask her about the altercation during the reunion taping.
Here’s what NeNe had to say:
“Kenya’s stupid. She needs to fix her fake booty. They need to kick Kenya off with her dumb self. She (Porsha) shouldn’t get kicked off. What they need to do is kick Kenya’s fake booty off. Huuuhhh.”
“My husband doesn’t want me to school these girls… Hey Girls.”
Then switching gears, one paparazzi asked NeNe if she was going to take home the DWTS trophy. She said, honestly:
“I don’t know. You know what I do know, is I’m going to stick on for as long as I possibly can.”
And then they alley-ooped her the perfect opportunity to throw some shade at Wendy Williams. One man asked if she believed she’d last longer than Wendy did in the competition.
“Of course! Wendy has two left feet. I have a left and a right. That’s a problem when you have two left feet — you can’t dance on dance floors!”
Ha! NeNe is a hot mess but she stays coming with the punchlines. Your thoughts? ?

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