RHOA Todd’s Wild Bachelor Party. ..

03 Apr

What ‘Chu Say Boo? Caption This Pic Of Peter Getting


                Twerked On At Todd’s Bachelor Party
                Peter and Kirk Todd’s Bachelor Party

Some things just don’t need to be caught on camera and blasted over the internets and this is one of them. This morning photos from Todd’s Bachelor party surfaced online, and try as we might to avoid the debauchery, the pic above just couldn’t be ignored.
There, in the middle of Bar One, stood the lounge owner himself, Peter Thomas, getting twerked on by one of Atlanta’s finest, an adult dancer. And look who stood by and watched, Kirk Frost. Actually Kirk and Peter both had their eyes fixed over yonder which makes me really curious what could’ve been more interesting than a girl p-popping on a handstand right in front of him, but perhaps the rest of the photos from the night will shed a little light on the totality of the festivities.
                        Like this pic of Kandi’s boo


                             Todd’s Bachelor Party

Or this one with everyone’s favorite (alleged) con man Apollo


                           Todd’s Bachelor Party

it’s pretty safe to say the boys had a good time. We just wonder what Kandi, Phaedra, Cynthia, and Rahseeda will think when they see these pics of Todd’s bachelor party… Your thoughts? ?

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