RHOA: When “so called” friends cross the line

24 Mar


RHOA: In the last episode NeNe stepped over the line calling her best friend Cynthia’s husband a bit*h during a verbal confrontation that took place in front of everyone. Let’s just say NeNe is a bully and she picks her victims wisely. NeNe does know who NOT try this type of mess with. We all know Cynthia is passive agressive but come on don’t allow NeNe or anyone for that matter to disrespect you or your husband..ijs. I feel like another woman coming for or at your husband or your children or anyone that they know you consider family and they know that you love them well trust she has an agenda. That bitter chick is really coming for you. However since she is too intimidated by your character for whatever reason she chooses to come at you through someone or something that she knows you will protect. O_o Speaking from my own past experiences. You should put aside your respect or love for her because she clearly has neither of those for you. Then show her that anyone even she can get it when messing with your family. Cynthia needs to put on her Gthoh sunglasses, bit*h bra, big gurl panties and fu*k you pumps! Trust me it works ladies. Do you agree that Cynthia needs to put NeNe in her place?
Yeah I said it…Hmm About That ~ TH. QUEEN T TRUEDIVA

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