Play your position whatever it is….

15 Mar


                               Queen T  TrueDiva

I’m love that I have a HOOD side and there’s no shame in my game.  I know how to turn it on and off like a light switch. I am conscious of my history and heritage therefore I carry myself like a queen. My business savy is cut throat because I love my money. I am a force to be wreckoned with flatout. I don’t give nobody no bullshit and I don’t take any bullshit from anyone either. I am very assertive. I can communicate effectively.  I can walk into a meeting and blow people away with my intellect, charm, polished dialect & my countless extraordinary abilities. I keep it Sexy Sassy & Classy at all times. BossDiva is on deck baby!!! All the while, I can walk out in the hall and get super sophisti-ratchet if I hear my favorite songs or happen to spot one of my guys or girls. Oh and please don’t get it twisted..people do test me, people do attempt to step and come for me. I peep game before it is played. I speak the truth and I’m always keeping it 100. I will shut shit down or turn shit up. TRUST I WILL pull your card, for acting hard down my boulevard. I’m so New Jersey with a twist of da’ Bronx NY!!! Are you sophisticated and yet ratchet? #YeahIsaidit #lovemeorhateme #dontevergetittwisted #I’malwaysme ‪#‎hilarious #if you don’t know you better ask somebody #HmmAboutThat  ~Queen T TrueDiva

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